Specialties & Services

Inpatient Services

Medical/Surgical Unit

Our Medical Surgical Unit supports patients who are suffering from complications of either acute or chronic disease or are recovering from surgical procedures. Services provided include: Respiratory, Renal, Endocrine, Orthopedic, Neurological, Urological, Gastroenterological and General Surgery.

Intensive Care/Telemetry Unit

The Intensive Care/Telemetry Unit is housed as a single unit of 18 beds. Six of these beds are identified as Intensive Care beds and the other 12 beds are monitored step-down beds for those too ill to be on the medical surgical unit but not sick enough to be in Intensive Care beds. The Intensive Care Unit provides a multi-disciplinary approach to provide quality care from physicians, nurses, and ancillary services. The care provided supports the healing process for those patients who are recovering from Heart Disease, Respiratory Disease, or acute multiple organ failure requiring Intensive use of medications, machines, and observation to insure survival through the event.

The Telemetry Unit supports high quality care to patients who require closer observation and support than can be provided on the Medical/Surgical Unit. With the ability to monitor heart rhythms from compact radio monitors, the Telemetry Unit is able to take care of a broad spectrum of patients. Many patients present us with a broad variety of medical conditions. Having this form of monitoring available allows us to provide care, targeting enhanced recovery and accurate diagnosing of medical conditions.