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5 Back to School Health Tips for Parents

Back-to-school season is a busy time for both parents and kids. But it involves more than just shopping for school supplies. It’s important to set your children up to have a healthy school year. We have 5 tips for parents to ensure your kids have a healthy and successful year at school.

Visit the Doctor and Get Vaccinations Up to Date

Schedule your child’s annual check-up with your doctor. Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and inquire with your doctor on when you should get flu shots and add it to your calendar to ensure you won’t forget. Schedule an appointment with one of our physicians at Thorek Memorial Hospital in Andersonville, Chicago by calling 773-271-9040. Don’t forget to visit the eye doctor and dentist too!

Teach Good Hygiene Habits Early

The best way to avoid spreading germs is good hand washing. Teach your kids proper and thorough hand washing techniques and encourage them to wash often throughout the day. Teach them to cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing and stress the importance of not touching your face throughout the day. 

Establish a Routine and Stick to it

It’s important for kids to have a routine, especially during the school year. This includes bath and teeth brushing and a strict bedtime. It’s crucial for kids to be well rested so they can focus at school. If bedtime was a bit loose during the summer, now is the time to move it up earlier. It’s a good idea to put all electronic devices away a few hours prior to bedtime to help kids wind down. Use that time to take baths and read with your kids.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Providing healthy meals to your kids helps keep them full and focused at school. Start the day with a filling and healthy breakfast and stock up on healthy snacks for after school. Encourage them to drink lots of water throughout the day. And there’s nothing better than having family meals to give your kids a way to share with you what they did at school each day. 

Talk through any Anxiety 

Many kids experience separation anxiety or social anxiety at the start of the school year. It can affect our appetite, our sleep and our overall wellness, even in kids. Encourage your children to talk to you about any stress or worries they might have. Make sure they stay active or have some sort of outlet to help them decompress at the end of the day. Check in with them – and their teachers – regularly to make sure things are going well.

We wish you a happy and healthy school year!