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5 Tips for Living a Heart Healthy Lifestyle

tips for living a heart healthy lifestyle

February is American Heart Month. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. When you choose healthy lifestyle behaviors, you can lower your risk of heart disease. Try incorporating some of these heart healthy tips into your lifestyle today.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Making healthy food choices like fresh produce, whole grains, lean meats and legumes can lower your risk of obesity and heart disease. Try to reduce your intake of salt, saturated fat and added sugar. You will look and feel better!

Stay Active

Staying active is good for the heart. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week plus a few days of strength training. And try to reduce your time sitting. Many of us have jobs that require us to sit for long periods of time. Try to make small changes in your day that get you on your feet more. Take public transit or park farther away from the office. Use a standing desk. Or take short breaks to move your body.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Abstaining form alcohol altogether is always the healthiest choice, but if you do decide to drink alcohol, do so in moderation by limiting your intake to one drink per day for women or 2 for men. And try to substitute water for sugary drinks to reduce calories.

Quit Smoking

Eliminating tobacco, vaporizers, etc. is one of the most important steps in taking care of your heart health. Smoking can drastically increase your risk of heart disease. Try to avoid secondhand smoke as well.

Know Your Health History 

It’s important to know your family health history so that you know your risks. Get regular checkups to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and additional lifestyle changes you can make to help you control them which will lower your risk of heart disease.

If you have questions or concerns about your hearth health, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians today.