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How to Choose the Right Primary Care Doctor for You and Your Family

how to choose the right primary care doctor

When you are looking for a primary care doctor for yourself or your family, it’s important to find a physician that you can trust and someone who you feel comfortable with. A doctor who listens to your concerns, creates an environment in which you feel comfortable asking questions and someone who explains things in a way you can easily understand. 

What Does a Primary Care Doctor Do?

Before you start your search for a primary care doctor, it’s important to first understand their field. 

Primary Care Doctors can:

  • Maintain your health by recommending preventative services like vaccines and routine tests and screenings.
  • Treat various physical and mental health issues
  • Refer you to a specialist when needed

How to Find a Primary Care Doctor 

Get a reference from someone you trust. It could be family, friends, colleagues or another doctor. 

Check with your healthcare insurance provider. If you have health insurance, a good place to start is by looking at a list of doctors that are in-network for you. Call your insurance company to find out more information. Thorek Memorial Hospital Andersonville accepts most major insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Selected insurance plans that we accept are noted here.

Start local. Many times we look at things like doctors appointments as an inconvenience, something that disrupts our day. Once you have a list of referred physicians or those in your insurance network, narrow them down based on location. Appointments are much more convenient if they are a short distance from your home or work. Thorek Memorial Hospital in Andersonville Chicago prides ourselves on being a neighborhood hospital. We have been providing high-quality, progressive health care to patients on Chicago’s North Side for over 100 years. 

How to Vet a Primary Care Doctor

Once you find a doctor, it’s important to reflect on your experience after your first visit to ensure that it’s the right doctor for you. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Did they listen to me? Did I feel heard and understood?
  • Did they make me feel comfortable and treat me with respect?
  • Did they explain things in a way I could easily understand? 
  • Did they spend enough time with me and make me and my health feel like a priority? 

We would love the chance to introduce you to the great group of primary care doctors in Chicago that practice at our Andersonville, Chicago Hospital. You can view our full list of physicians on our website here.